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Readings: History, Criticism, Theory

  • A History of Photography: Robert Leggat’s hypertext history of photography from earliest times to the 1920s.
  • History of Visual Communication: A tutorial website in which the history of visual communication is covered from cave paintings to the present-day digital systems.
  • Journal of Visual Culture: Publishes contributions from academics, educators, curators, artists, and a wide range of historians, theorists, and practitioners from numerous disciplines.
  • Luminous Lint: Alan Griffiths’s deep, interactive hypermedia storehouse of photographic images, timelines, texts, and other relevant materials.
  • The New Eyes Project: A resource for those who teach photography on the K-12 levels: readings, assignments, and much more. Numeours projects and assignments relevant to BFA-level photography, and material of interest to those considering K-12 photo education as a career.
  • Photocritic International: The widely read blog of critic, historian, curator, and educator A. D. Coleman. Dependably useful as a provocation for classroom discussion.
  • Photography Criticism CyberArchive: A subscription-based repository of hundreds of notable texts on photography, ranging from the historic to the contemporary.
  • Photography Database: Andrew Eskind and Greg Drake’s online searchable guide to photographers, collections, and much more.
  • VASA Journal on Images and Culture: “Our goal is to provide a stream of ideas and concepts concerning our global visual language.”
  • VisualAnthropology.net: News and Resources for Visual Anthropology.
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