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Collection: Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP)

Thomas Gearty: The Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP) was established in 1984 by Columbia College, a nearly 10,000-student private arts and media college in downtown Chicago. As with many academic museums, the college provides all the museum’s facilities and most of its annual operating budget, while students from the Columbia get the chance to work in the museum and several of the museum staff teach photography courses on a regular basis. […]

Assignment: Toning

Thomas Gearty: The following three toning assignments from photographer and teacher Tom Gearty discuss basic methods of using Kodak Selenium Toner, sepia toner, and Kodak Polytoner. They explain how the toners work and how they should be used. Feel free to download and distribute these assignments to your class or to individual students interested in experimenting with toners on their own. […]

For Keith Carter, Commercial Came First

In the classroom, Carter used his upcoming, professional assignment as a topic of discussion. He would ask his students how they would approach the technical and visual solutions to the job. “Anytime you bring to the classroom some depth and width and breadth to your craft or your life, the students will find it useful,” Carter observes. […]