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Under New Management

A. D. Coleman: Welcome to Teaching Photography, the revised and updated version of the site formerly known as Teachingphoto.com, founded in 2004 by Henry Horenstein. The site’s new name reflects the fact that it’s under new management, as part of a consortium of interrelated websites, all committed to serving the needs of the photo-education community. […]

Teaching Tips: Disappear

Henry Horenstein: Years ago, I asked my class for advice on how to get them to speak up. One student told me I should disappear. “The more we see of you,” she said, “the less we’ll speak our minds. We’re afraid to sound stupid.” I decided to take her at her word. I can’t disappear totally, or I’ll miss the discussion. Instead, I move to the back of the room, behind the students. As they stand looking at work on the wall, I sit down, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. […]

Confessions of a High-School Photography Teacher: My First Year

Allison Carroll: I was two years out of the Art Institute of Boston, studying photography. I had four years under my belt of gainful employment as a studio manager for a fine-art photographer, and three summers of teaching photography to pre-college high school kids. I thought this made me fairly well equipped when I signed a contract to become a part-time faculty member of the Art Department at St. Sebastian’s School in Needham, MA. […]