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Teaching Tips: Disappear

Henry Horenstein: Years ago, I asked my class for advice on how to get them to speak up. One student told me I should disappear. “The more we see of you,” she said, “the less we’ll speak our minds. We’re afraid to sound stupid.” I decided to take her at her word. I can’t disappear totally, or I’ll miss the discussion. Instead, I move to the back of the room, behind the students. As they stand looking at work on the wall, I sit down, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. […]

Bend it, Babies! A Tool for a New Way of Seeing and Teaching

Maia Dery: As the effort to encourage my students to thoroughly learn technique and craft (in short, the rules) and then use them to go out and find their own vision (and make their own rules), the Lensbaby has been a godsend. It is a new tool, a new way of seeing that’s part of both the old tradition (you have to do it right the first time so what you shoot is what you get) and the new (the joystick like lens and instant feedback of the digital image are reminiscent of a video game). […]