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Confessions of a High-School Photography Teacher: My First Year

Allison Carroll: I was two years out of the Art Institute of Boston, studying photography. I had four years under my belt of gainful employment as a studio manager for a fine-art photographer, and three summers of teaching photography to pre-college high school kids. I thought this made me fairly well equipped when I signed a contract to become a part-time faculty member of the Art Department at St. Sebastian’s School in Needham, MA. […]

Grad School Alternatives

Henry Horenstein: There are alternatives to graduate school in photography, if you’re not ready, didn’t get in, or are too broke to go. Graduate school should be, first and foremost, about learning and growing as a photographer/artist. Easy to say when you’re not facing tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, I know. Still, it’s the creative life you’re choosing, so doesn’t it make sense to focus on the creative aspect of it all, and try your best to keep practical matters at bay, at least for the time being? […]

Grad School Ruminations

Henry Horenstein: One of my graduate professors at RISD, back in the day, was Harry Callahan. He liked to say that 2 years of graduate school was like a 2-year grant to do your work. Nice grant if you can afford it. Today, rather than the $1,750 annually that I paid for tuition, private schools charge $30,000-40,000 or more per year, putting that “grant,” for a 3-year MFA program, at upwards of $100,000-$150,000 —and that’s not taking into account the cost of materials, living expenses, and 2-3 years of lost income. […]