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Unknown Heroes: The Rwandan Rescuers Project

Leora Kahn: The Rwandan Rescuers Project is a peace-building project aimed at educating and supporting reconciliation in a populace driven by the 1994 genocide. It aims to record, photograph, and highlight the narratives of those who resisted overwhelming prejudice and violence by reaching out to targeted groups. […]

Project: Warheads

Diane Bush: The “warheads” that report on the war do so, for the most part, from the safety of their TV studios. These images show the white media elite, politicians and others, being exposed to an imagined physical overlay of fire and mayhem. My hope is that seeing these images will shock people, even slightly, and remind them of the security blanket we are wrapped in here, thousands of miles from the battlefield. [ […]

Project: Slide Slam

Allen Frame: About once a semester I host an evening called Slide Slam at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In a fast-paced format, six emerging photographers project a selection of their work and take questions from the audience afterwards. Audiences have been packing the two hundred-seat amphitheater for this event because people are eager to get a look at fresh work and the photographers who are creating it. […]