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Q&A: Janet Fine, Lab Tech

Samantha Fields: What’s the best part of the job for you? Janet Fine: I get to be creative in how I do my job. I like to instigate outside-of-class student involvement and enthusiasm—like organizing student exhibits in the lab and collaborative projects. I really like working one-on-one with the students, especially with students who are particularly excited and motivated. I love bouncing ideas around and giving them the tools and information they need to go wild. […]

Project: Sight Range, by John Movius

John Movius: On a certain level, we want the photographs to tell us what to think. This is what sells newspapers. The photos taken by the soldiers don’t do that. After looking at their photos I am more unclear, more stymied by the subject than before. Because of their ambiguity, I see them as more apt reflections of what war really is. […]

For Keith Carter, Commercial Came First

In the classroom, Carter used his upcoming, professional assignment as a topic of discussion. He would ask his students how they would approach the technical and visual solutions to the job. “Anytime you bring to the classroom some depth and width and breadth to your craft or your life, the students will find it useful,” Carter observes. […]