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A Digital State of Affairs

Neal Rantoul: Our photography program’s transition from a film-based facility to an all-digital system is ongoing, with plans in process to gut our wet labs soon. The photographic industry and professional applications have driven the change, motivated to a great degree by increased profit through new and expanding markets. Our students have been quick to change. But like many photography programs, it’s been a struggle for us to make the conversion. So many programs are encumbered by darkrooms requiring large physical spaces filled with archaic equipment. It is time to clear out the old, and start anew with modern tools. […]

Building a Digital Studio


www.teachingphoto.com asked Adam Eidelberg, photographer and master contractor, for advice on how to design and build a digital-capture studio. Here’s what he told us:

I would say as a minimum depth and width one would want 19-20 feet. Of course, in choosing a suitable room, the dimensions are a function of your […]

Digital Update: Raw Files and the Digital Negative

Neal Rantoul: We are clearly on the threshold of yet another sea change in still imaging. The inherent simplicity of shooting, processing our film and spending a productive day in the darkroom making our prints is gone forever. As we shoot more digitally we have a new set of benefits and problems. On the plus side, we don’t have to scan, clean our negatives and labor as hard over individual images as before. In fact we tend to manage whole groups of photographs now, rather then individual pictures. […]