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About Our Content

Teaching Photography welcomes proposals for relevant articles, including:

  • previously unpublished essays
  • texts that have appeared in print but are not available online
  • excerpts from existing and forthcoming books

Teaching Photography will consider and publish a broad range of material, from pedagogical theory to teaching practice: detailed assignments, ruminations on the academic life, critiques and/or defenses of standard curricula, and much more. If it concerns the activity after which this site is titled, it’s of interest to the site’s users, and thus of interest to its editor. Our guidelines are simple: substantial content, competent and readable prose.

We also welcome individual accounts of experience as a post-secondary photo student, so long as those narratives go beyond elementary memoir by contributing to our understanding of the learning environment, the teacher-student relationship, and other relevant matters. See Mark Morelli’s “Contradictions” as an example of what we consider valuable insight from the student perspective.

Contributors are responsible for securing any necessary permissions for publication at this site of their article’s texts and images. Copyright of all material published here remains with its creators. Teaching Photography asks only for exclusive online rights, plus non-exclusive rights to include such content in digital anthologies of the site’s materials. Contributors will be compensated for inclusion of their work in such electronic publications with copies thereof.

Please direct all proposals to the editor, A. D. Coleman: adc (at) photocritic (d0t) com. If you’re proposing an existing text, attach it as either a PDF file or a Word RTF file.

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