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Under New Management

A. D. Coleman. Portrait by Willie Chu, © 2010

A. D. Coleman. Portrait by Willie Chu, © 2010

Welcome to Teaching Photography, the revised and updated version of the site formerly known as Teachingphoto.com, founded in 2004 by Henry Horenstein. The site’s new name reflects the fact that it’s under new management, as part of a consortium of interrelated websites, all committed to serving the needs of the photo-education community.

We’ve retained the site’s original URL, teachingphoto.com, and kept most of the site’s previous content intact. But we’ve renovated the site’s layout and transformed its infrastructure, in order to enhance its functionality and expand its content substantially. If you subscribed to or visited the pilot version of the site, you’ll see that we’ve moved to the open-source blogware WordPress, which enables easier posting of new content from our end and easier commenting from your end as a reader.

We’ve timed the debut of this reconfigured site to coincide with the Society for Photographic Education‘s 2011 National Conference, taking place March 10-13 in Atlanta, GA. We’ll both attend that event, as will our site’s first sponsor, Sprint Systems of Photography. You can find us at the Sprint table in the SPE Exhibits Fair. Feel free to buttonhole us for discussion of our plans for the site.

We welcome your suggestions for features we might add and links to other online resources. Your comments on our posts will create the public dialogue about post-secondary photo education in the 21st century that we hope this site will provoke and facilitate. And we invite you to propose essays of your own ― whether previously published or unpublished ― for consideration as future posts.

If you subscribe, using the field near the top of the left-hand column on this page, you’ll receive new posts in your email inbox as they appear here at the site. Otherwise, please stop by regularly to see what we’ve added to the site’s content.

― A. D. Coleman, Publisher/Editor

John Alley, Webmaster

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