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Project: Warheads

Diane Bush: The “warheads” that report on the war do so, for the most part, from the safety of their TV studios. These images show the white media elite, politicians and others, being exposed to an imagined physical overlay of fire and mayhem. My hope is that seeing these images will shock people, even slightly, and remind them of the security blanket we are wrapped in here, thousands of miles from the battlefield. [ […]

Physical Memories: Albums, Pictures and Stories

Judith Black: When I got a call asking if I would look at some old negatives from a family shoebox to see if they were worth printing, I agreed. For many years, I have researched the history of family albums and their value as vernacular documentation of individual lives and as archives of social and political histories. Squinting through the loupe at the negatives to see the detail, it was immediately apparent that the photographs had been worth the look. They were medium format negatives, about 2.25 x 3.5 inches (6 x 9 cm) from a roll film camera, maybe a Kodak Brownie. I learned that they belonged to his wife’s grandfather, Ramon Rius, and that he had taken them during the Spanish Civil War near his bakery in Lleida […]