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Project: Sight Range, by John Movius

John Movius: On a certain level, we want the photographs to tell us what to think. This is what sells newspapers. The photos taken by the soldiers don’t do that. After looking at their photos I am more unclear, more stymied by the subject than before. Because of their ambiguity, I see them as more apt reflections of what war really is. […]

Educator Philip Perkis & Teaching Photography: Notes Assembled

Philip Perkis: If I sit in a museum and look at a carpet made in Central Asia, it is clear that this object is not simply decorative. There are levels of meaning and value that are beyond my rational mind to comprehend. If, however, I sit for a while and open myself up to just looking without trying to figure out meaning as though it were an arithmetic problem, then something can take place in me that is at once subtle, profound, and most importantly, not translatable into language. […]