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For Keith Carter, Commercial Came First

In the classroom, Carter used his upcoming, professional assignment as a topic of discussion. He would ask his students how they would approach the technical and visual solutions to the job. “Anytime you bring to the classroom some depth and width and breadth to your craft or your life, the students will find it useful,” Carter observes. […]

CyberArchive Puts Photo Writings on the Web

Thomas Gearty: Photography critic A. D. Coleman has established the Photography Criticism CyberArchive, an online collection of writings on photography for scholars, researchers, educators and students. The subscription-based website officially launched in August 2003 with a selection of 300 historical and contemporary essays on photography. The site provides photo-related documents ranging from history, theory, and criticism to profiles, reviews, and credos. […]

Mary Virginia Swanson: Getting Your Work Out (2)

TP: What steps would you recommend if my goal was to get work in a gallery? MVS: Well, I’ll tell you, the people who make the decisions on what to show in their galleries are getting tougher and tougher to get in to see. And that’s why I underscore the juried shows and the portfolio review events as a way to get to know them. […]