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Digital Matters

So how do you get your administration to hear and support your needs? I don’t have a standard solution or quick answer to that, but, as a general start, make your needs known to them by making your requests inclusive; in a competitive place such as a university with limited resources it is often best to join other professors in similar fields and include their requests with yours. Also try to involve administrators in what you are doing and want to do. […]

Rebecca Cummins: Down Under and Back

Working with University of Washington astro-biologist and astronomer Woody Sullivan—who recently worked with a team to place the first sundial on Mars with the Spirit Rover—she offered a quarter-long course on making sundials. Their efforts culminated in “Where is Noon,” a public installation of giant and intimate sundials across the school’s campus. “On the scientific side, some of the students quickly caught on to the principles of celestial navigation”, she says. “And others were more adept at conceptual or aesthetic solutions. Collaboratively, they came up with terrific results.” […]

Professional Opportunities for Students: Internships

Giving your students an opportunity to experience real-life working situations in a broad range of environments — such as a gallery, museum, or arts organization; a professional photography studio or a magazine or newspaper photo department; or working for an equipment supplier or commercial lab — is essential. Students who have experienced many facets of the photography field have a decided advantage and can more easily enter the workplace within our changing profession. […]